Templates, Buttons and more

Here you find a big variety of hundreds of webbuttons: rectangle, round, oval, rounded edges and many more. All of them are neutral and every shape is offered in different colours. The buttons were made with the great graphics programme PhotoImpact by Ulead. This software is a reasonably priced software and even can be afforded by people who do not want to spend too much money.

Just browse the different categories and find your favourite button. If you then click on the desired button, a popup window opens that shows all available colours and gives you the download option as well. All files come in ZIP-format so you will have to need a programme to unzip the file.

The buttons are offered in jpg-format resp. gif-format so you can rework them with every graphics software, in order to add your requested title text. After that you can insert them in your website.

For your information: non-rectangular graphics, that show the message "with transparent background" can be used on any background other than used here. Where this information is missing you can only use them on the background shown in the file. Rectangular buttons can of course be used with any background colour you like.

Buttons with rounded edges

Figurative buttons

Oval buttons

Rectangular buttons

Round buttons

Various buttons